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 Are you thinking of putting stamped concrete on your property? If so, you have several important decisions to make. First, what type of slab will you use? There are many different slab types including cast in-place, stamped directly from the factory, and fabricated on-site. At Chesapeake Concrete, we take tremendous pride in serving our local residents as one of the best concrete companies in Chesapeake VA and Virginia Beach VA. And we want to help guide our customers in the right direction. The type of concrete you choose will depend on the conditions you have, the space available and budget limitations. Here is some more information regarding these three choices:

Pavers are imprinted multi-colored sheets of concrete, which when interlock together to form a strong, durable surface for driveways, walkways and patios. However, stamped concrete is usually poured as a hard, flat surface and then textured or embossed to mimic stone, flagstone, clay or wood. In recent years, people have started using natural building material like slate in place of pavers, because of its durability and cost effectiveness.

Slate is a limestone-like, coarse-grained sedimentary rock that is composed primarily of calcite and olivine. Slate is commonly used for exterior and interior landscaping, but it is also used for stamped concrete and other applications. It is made by grinding slabs of limestone and mixing them with water. When this mixture is exposed to heat for long periods of time, it turns into stone like material.

Pavers are large, rectangular-shaped sheets of concrete that are mixed with gravel. They are usually used to create pathways, parking lots, and retaining walls. Unlike stamped concrete, paver stones do not shrink or contract regardless of the weather. Pavers do not require the same maintenance and cost efficiency as stamped concrete. This type of paving material must be sealed periodically to prevent water damage. Be sure to ask your concrete contractor about this concern to avoid any future issues. So if you're looking for a reputable concrete company in Chesapeake VA, 

Concrete tiles are another alternative for precast or stamped concrete. These slabs contain aggregates of clay or sand (clay is the most commonly used), sand, lime, and other material that do not expand or contract when exposed to heat and/or moisture. As with paver stones, concrete tiles must be sealed periodically. Some types of concrete tiles may even contain small amounts of asbestos.

In comparison to both paver and stamped concrete, textured concrete is the least expensive option. Textured concrete allows homeowners to create designs that are indistinguishable from natural stone slabs. Many textured concrete options resemble marble, granite, and many other naturally occurring stones. Most textured concrete floors can also withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and stains. These benefits make textured concrete an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer a non-concrete floor over stone or paved floors.

There are several different ways that a base color hardener can be used to enhance the look of textured concrete. The most popular is the use of a black or dark-colored base color that is combined with a lighter-colored top layer. Another option is to add a very light "teal" layer right at the very bottom of the slab before any other colors. No matter which of these options a homeowner chooses, they can be confident that their newly created floor will retain its rich texture and natural building material strength for many years.

Creating a unique design is just one of the many exciting things that can be accomplished with stamped concrete. A skilled contractor can also create unique elements such as stamped concrete lettering and brick molding. Creating stamped concrete lettering is quite easy. For this process, the base color is simply dyed in the same color family (usually light blue or medium blue) as the textured concrete itself. For brick molding, a highly-customized texture is applied to a special brick sample until it has the same consistency as natural building materials - a perfect option for homeowners who want to add a little "character" to their home's exterior.


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